Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Weather is hot,
Weather is cold,
Weather is changing
As the weeks unfold.

Skies are cloudy,
Skies are fair,
Skies are changing
In the air.

It is raining,
It is snowing,
It is windy
With breezes blowing.

Days are foggy,
Days are clear,
Weather is changing
Throughout the year!

by Meish Goldish,

It has been beautiful here for the past couple of weeks. Beautiful sunshine and sweater weather. I love it, but the downside is that my plants and bushes think it is spring. The Azaleas and Hydrangea are getting their green leaves already and the pink Tulip trees are in full bloom. When the cold weather comes again (and it will) Their leaves will get frost burned.

I took these pictures on the porch yesterday.~Ornamental Cabbage, Daisy's, Pansy's, Carnations and Geraniums.

Have a nice Saturday!


Carolyn said...

I would love to be sitting on your back porch for awhile to drink in all that beauty!I love the ornamental cabbage.We are getting snow here today.


Shirley said...

Lovely post. Yes, the weather has been strange for us this winter. The plants dont know how to act or should I say react..Your poem is delightful.

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Clara
Crazy weather everywhere this year. I enjoyed seeing your flowers, they are making me yearn for spring.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Really?? It's still so brown here. Your flowers are Lovely!

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Oh Clara! I love your beautiful blog--and your sweet poochie. I am now following you. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog.

Nancy Reinke said...

Wow, what beautiful blooms! I love Victoria magazine and Tasha Tudor. I'm a follower now. You'll feed my need for vintage. Thanks soooo much. (I got here from Pink Saturday. Stop by Joyful Altitude any time. God bless.)

Regina said...


Have a great week ahead.

Linda said...

Oh, Clara! Your photos are lovely! They make me long for warm weather...
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Donna Heber said...

Hi Clara,

Your flowers and mosaic are gorgeous! I can't wait for spring to arrive in a few months.

Bella said...

Hi Clara,
Love your planter! Your weather sounds amazing, we are having unseasonably good weather this week, I am keeeping my fingers crossed that it will hang around!

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I love to hear from you. ~Clara~